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Wekepeke Water Chronology

  • 1882  Mass Legislatures Act (Chapter 14) authorizes the conveyance of the waters of the Wekepeke Brook, in Sterling, to Clinton
  • 1900s Clinton began using water from Wekepeke.
  • 1964 Last usage of Wekepeke water by Clinton
  • 1983 Construction of I-190 severed remaining water pipe route to Clinton.
  • 2004 Clinton and the state agreed to the principals of a deal by which Clinton would sign a conservation restriction, but Clinton has not signed the conservation restriction.
  • 2007 Nestlé Corp. conducted water quality tests
  • 7/23/2007  Letter to Regional Assessor to Town Administrator questioning the PILOT calculation as paid by Clinton
  • 2/23/2007  Sterling Select Board sent letter to Clinton Select Board with concerns about the condition of the 3 dams in Sterling, owned by Clinton – asking to schedule meeting to discuss repairs
  • 10/25/2012 Sterling Select Board send letter to Clinton Select Board inviting them to meet to discuss a plan to manage the Wekepeke water systems
  • 2013/8/13 Sterling has a proposed warrant article to petition State Legislature to impose restrictions to the Wekepeke watershed. In reaction Clinton Select board votes to stop PILOT payments to Sterling
  • According to the Clinton Town Solicitor, the PILOT was a voluntary payment
  • 2020 /3/4 Sterling records indicate that PILOT payments from Sterling stopped in 2013
  • Invoices from 2013-2017 were not paid
  • Sterling stopped invoicing Clinton in 2018
  • 2020/4/23 Sterling Select Board sent letter to Clinton Select Board requesting a joint meeting to discuss the future use of the Wekepeke land, dam repair/removal and timely notification to Sterling BOS and residents prior to changes to the land (i.e. forestry, dam removal, etc)